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Tag Archives: Judge Henry E. Hudson

Woman fired for ‘insubordinate and unprofessional behavior’

Where the record showed a school board decided not to renew the contract of a bus driver because of her insubordinate and unprofessional behavior, it prevailed on her claims of race discrimination and retaliation. Background Lillie M. Cook drove a ...

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All-risks policy doesn’t cover COVID business losses

Where an all-risks policy excluded coverage for “infectious and contagious disease,” it did not provide coverage when a resort was forced to reduce in-person services because of closure orders issued as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Background Ida Cason ...

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Kids can’t show claim to life insurance proceeds

Where the decedent’s two children argued the non-family member their mother designated as the beneficiary of her life insurance policy had ill motives and took advantage of their mother’s mental health issues, but the children failed to support these allegations ...

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Doctor not deliberately indifferent to detainee

Although a doctor didn’t prescribe opioids to treat a detainee’s chronic kidney stones and pain, the doctor was nevertheless granted summary judgment on the detainee’s deliberate indifference claim. The record showed the doctor was responsive to the detainee’s needs and ...

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Collective action approved in medical management OT suit

Where a medical management nurse showed that that she was similarly situated to other medical management nurses working at the defendant’s location, at a similar employment level and whose primary job duty was conducting medical necessity reviews, a collective action ...

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