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All-risk policy doesn’t cover COVID-19 losses (access required)

Where Skillets’ insurer denied the restaurant chain reimbursement for COVID-19 related losses, neither the virus nor the Florida governor’s closure orders constituted a direct physical loss under an all-risk policy interpreted by Florida law because neither physically altered the restaurants. ...

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Florida defendant’s conduct did not touch Virginia (access required)

The Virginia court has no jurisdiction over a Florida-based defendant who allegedly entered into a promissory note with an individual in Georgia; even if the note included loaning money to the Virginia plaintiff. Background Plaintiff Straight Line Drive sued Jitan Kuverji and ...

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Attempt to wound officer forecloses excessive force claim (access required)

Where a woman previously pleaded “no contest” to the charge of attempted malicious wounding of a police officer, her conviction foreclosed her subsequent excessive force claim against the officer for his conduct after she attempted to wound him.  Background On ...

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Lack of evidence dooms tortious interference claim (access required)

Although the plaintiff pleaded facts showing a valid contract or business expectancy, defendant’s knowledge of that relationship and resulting damages, it failed to show the defendant purposefully interfered with the relationship. Background Plaintiff filed its amended complaint May 23, 2020, ...

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