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Tag Archives: Judge Henry E. Hudson

Complaint about equipment not protected activity (access required)

Where the employee requested a special headset, but didn’t make any complaint regarding the headset or access to a headset, the request wasn’t protected activity. Background On July 6, 2021, Maggie Green-Wright filed an amended complaint that asserts six counts: ...

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Carriers did not tortiously interfere with repair shops (access required)

Where automobile repair shops alleged that insurance carriers steered customers away from their businesses because they refused to comply with certain terms, because they failed to show a business expectancy that was lost or that carriers used improper methods, their ...

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Alleged dealer lacked expectation of privacy in drug house (access required)

A defendant charged with intent to distribute a substance containing a detectible amount of cocaine lacked standing to challenge the search of a residence because the house was used for dealing drugs and individuals present for a business expectancy do ...

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Special ed teacher not sexually harassed by second grader (access required)

Where a special education teacher alleged a sexually hostile work environment based on unwelcome touching by an intellectually challenged second grade student, because the child was incapable of distinguishing based on sex, the touching was not severe or pervasive and ...

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All-risk policy doesn’t cover COVID-19 losses (access required)

Where Skillets’ insurer denied the restaurant chain reimbursement for COVID-19 related losses, neither the virus nor the Florida governor’s closure orders constituted a direct physical loss under an all-risk policy interpreted by Florida law because neither physically altered the restaurants. ...

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