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Developer could not sue government contractor for copyright infringement (access required)

Where a developer created software to automate government defense contract review and the government later worked with a private company to create a derivative work using the software’s source code, the developer was barred from suing the company for copyright ...

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Challenge to abortion restrictions move forward (access required)

Both parties’ motions for summary judgment were denied as there are disputed issues of material fact over the impact of multiple restrictions on the location of abortions and regulation of facilities. However, the terms “hospital” and “second trimester” are not ...

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Former VSU student’s discipline did not violate his civil rights (access required)

A former Virginia State University student who was disciplined for his alleged role in an altercation with a female student did not allege facts that plausibly suggested the discipline was based on his gender or violated his civil rights. Background ...

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Wikileaks disclosure suit against Trump campaign dismissed (access required)

A suit against the Trump campaign for allegedly conspiring with Russia and Wikileaks to hack and release Democratic National Committee emails that included information about the plaintiffs was dismissed. The plaintiffs failed to plead essential facts, and some of their ...

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