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Tag Archives: Justice D. Arthur Kelsey

Proper legal standard used for cost-recovery charges

Where the State Corporation Commission approved Virginia Electric and Power’s petition to recover from its customers the cost of purchasing “allowances” to emit CO2 from its power plants, there was no error because the allowances were necessary to comply with ...

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Order extending probation also extends sentence suspension

Appellant’s argument that the circuit court lacked jurisdiction to order him to serve the balance of a previously suspended sentence after a probation violation is not well-taken. Appellant argues that jurisdiction was lacking because the sentence suspension period lapsed before ...

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Sovereign immunity offers protection for doctor who treated DADC inmate

Doctor in white coat holding stethoscope

The Supreme Court of Virginia affirmed a lower court’s ruling concluding that a doctor who treated inmates in a Virginia correctional center was protected by derivative sovereign immunity. The state’s high court also granted the doctor’s demurrer to a gross ...

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