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Significant fees awarded to attorneys in class action

Attorneys who successfully represented a class of persons who alleged that carriers failed to disclose material information to policyholders of long-term care, or LTC, policies, to their detriment, were awarded up to $13 million in fees. Background Plaintiffs filed a ...

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Treadmill manufacturers sued for alleged false statements

Where the purchaser of a treadmill alleged that manufacturers made false representations about the treadmills’ horsepower, her Virginia warranty and fraud claims survived their motions to dismiss. Background This is a putative class action brought by Wendy Prince, on behalf ...

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Long-term care insurance settlement objections rejected

Where three persons argued that it was unfair to send rate increase letters to class members during the same time period as settlement negotiations and preliminary approval of a putative class-action suit over long-term care policies was occurring, their objections ...

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Defective car repair suit remanded to circuit court

Where a manufacturer sued for allegedly failing to repair a gear shift defect in a vehicle removed the suit to federal court because it sought relief under the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act, a federal statute, but that statute limits federal court’s ...

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Objectors to putative class settlement get service awards

Where objections lodged by persons to a preliminary class settlement resulted in changes to the settlement agreement that materially increased the benefits to class members, the objectors were each awarded $7,500, along with their attorney’s fees. Background Plaintiffs filed a ...

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